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Welcome to the Willow/Spike Stories Section... here you will find some of the most delicious stories by talented writers. So kick back and enjoy.

Diana C's Stories

Broken Shards 1/1
Willow tries to kill herself.. guess who's there to pick up the pieces.
Rated: PG
Crazed, Drunken Behavior
Willow get's drunk with some big complications.
Rated: PG-13
Dear Diary-Unfinished.
Basically the Diaries of Willow and Spike outlining their growing feelings.
Rated: PG
Realm's Different Doubles 1/?-Unfinished.
An Alternate Willow is sent to Sunnydale....
Rated: PG-13
Food For Thought
Not Really Willow/Spike but good in lots of ways..
Rated: PG
Rated: PG
Basically the title, Willow's feelings on Spike.
Right of Future to Past-Unfinished.
Spike and Willow's daughter comes back through time to right a wrong.
Rated: PG
Plagues of the Past-Unfinished.
A prophecy on a formal life of Willow has made Willow go through some changes.
Rated: PG
Secret Desires
What the title says :P
Rated: PG-13
Wacked Out Wishes 1/2-Unfinished.
A silly love fic of Willow and Spike and wishes becoming wacked out!
Rated: PG
Willow Outloud-Unfinished.
Willow's going through some changes...
Rated: PG
Look at title! Anyhow Willow deals with the past...
Rated: PG
Willow's Bad
Willow's been bad!


Deep Emotion
Rated: PG The Power
Rated: PG
Dark Power
Rated: PG-15 last page ( R )

Jesse Davis

Spike teaches Willow how to fight...
Rated: R


Picture Perfect
Willow's moving to LA...
Rated: PG (Unfinished)

Mourning Star

Subliminal Summer
Rated: PG (Unfinished)


Blue Moon
Willow goes back in time... (really good!)
Rated: NC-17


Sunnyhell Hath No Fury Like A Wiccian Willow Scorned
Someone meet's a pissed of witch named Willow *hehe*
Rated: NC-17

Bite Me
Vamps can't resist Willow, guess who's to the rescue...
Rated: NC-17


Answers to Diana C's Challenge :P (that's me!)
Rated: PG?


All Stories Rated : R

All Night
All Fall Down 1-7/?
All Fall Down-Unfinished..
Haunting #1
Haunting #2
Haunting #3
Haunting #4
Beginner's Luck
Fear and Love
Out of the Shadows
Fading Shadows-Sequel to Out of Shadows.
False Memories
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
Nothing But Trouble
Second Chances 1-2/?
Shades of the Past
Survival Lessons
Sworn Enemies
Trust Me
Vegas Vacation
Wedded Bliss
After the Rain

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