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Willow/Spike/Angel(us) Stories




            Welcome to the Willow/Spike/Angel(us) Section to “Fallen Angel’s Savior” here you will find stories from some very talented authors.  So have fun, keep back, read, and enjoy and remember if you have any Willow/Spike/Angel(us) Stories to send them to L8r!


Diana C's Stories

All Lost 1/1
Rated: PG-13
Summary: (Sadfic)Willow must deal with the pain of loss.
Status: Finished.



Only of Jerry Springer
Rated: G
Summary: (Sillyfic) Angel and Spike fight over Willow on the Jerry Springer show (wackiness ensured).
Status: Finished.

Demons, Soul's, and LA 1-4/?
Rated: PG-(as of right now NC-17 in future).
Summary: Willow finds out something and has to leave for LA.
Status: Unfinished.

Only You
Rated: PG
Summary: (Happyfic) Spike finds out exactly what Willow wants.
Status: Finished.

Hot Nights
Rated: R
Summary: It's a hot night in Sunnydale.
Status: Finished.

Don't Leave Me
Rated: R
Summary: Just read :)
Status: Finished (with Sequels)